Volunteering with us is easy. Just show up and we'll show you how it works.

How engagements work

Join us every FIRST and THIRD Sunday of the month at Silver Lake Coffee. look for folks wearing shirts with the SELAH logo. Email selahnhc@gmail.com with questions.

What should I bring & wear? 

Just bring yourself, and make sure to wear comfortable closed-toed shoes, plus a hat and sunblock if it’s hot.  

What should I expect?

We start promptly at 10 am by going over some quick updates on our work, and then we begin assigning different engagement areas to teams consisting of 3 or 4 people based on submissions from the community. We then go out and engage with our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Inexperienced volunteers will be assigned to groups where they can learn from more experienced volunteers. 

What are we trying to accomplish on engagement days?

    1. Make someone’s day a little bit better
    2. Let that person know the community cares
    3. See if they are interested in connecting with the real experts at PATH and Homeless Healthcare LA, who can provide a range of services & hopefully one day help them find a home

    What do we offer to our neighbors experiencing homelessness?

      • A smile and a hello
      • SELAH pamphlet providing Info on services, food, bathrooms, and showers in the area
      • Hot coffee
      • Water bottles
      • Hygiene kits & socks (depending on supplies)
      • Easily portable snacks such as breakfast bars and fruit